Co-op Marketing Fund Guidelines

We understand how important it is for you to brand yourself locally in your market. Showing up as a business that cares about your community is critical to your success.  And, that is why we created the Saab Co-op Marketing Fund.  OSCs can utilize earned funds at any time but must use earned funds by the end of the next quarter calendar quarter

The goal of the Saab Marketing Fund is to assist OSCs in promoting Saab Original Parts and Saab authorized service.

  • Funds are earned by each OSC based on qualifying purchases. Base OSCs earn 3% of qualifying purchases, Turbo and Aero OSCs earn 5% of qualifying purchases
  • Qualifying purchases are all purchases of Saab Original Parts and Volvo Parts from Orio North America. Exide Batteries, Exxon Mobil Oil and Tire Rack purchases do not qualify toward fund accrual.
  • The Saab Marketing Fund can be used for marketing programs such as direct mail and email campaigns, Point of Sale, print or electronic media, events, or other approved marketing campaigns and programs.
  • OSCs can utilize earned funds at any time but must use earned funds by the end of the next quarter calendar quarter (EXPIRE: Q1 – June 30 | Q2 – September 30 | Q3 – December 31 | Q4 – March  31)
  • OSCs are reimbursed either 50% or 70% of the cost of the qualifying program, depending on their Aero status, up to the amount currently earned and available to the OSC.
  • OSCs can earn partial reimbursement for a multi-brand campaign, to the extent ONA can establish the portion of the campaign directly attributable to Saab. It is required that multi-brand campaigns are submitted for pre-approval so there is a clear expectation of percentage reimbursement.
  • OSCs must provide a paid invoice, a copy of the advertisement (scanned original if possible), pictures of the event with Saab logo placement and date(s) of advertising run. Items must be emailed to Marketing Manager by end of each quarter.

What’s Eligible

Traditional Media

  • Direct Mail
  • Email
  • Print (ie. newspaper, magazine)
  • TV
  • Radio (traditional, digital streaming)
  • Point of Sale Materials
  • Billboard
  • Customer Multi Brand Campaigns
  • Wholesale Marketing Campaigns

Digital Media

  • Online Display/Banner Advertising (desktop & mobile)
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Paid Search

Local Events/Sponsorships

  • Community sponsorships (fairs, festivals, local charities, sports teams, high schools)
  • Tradeshows (industry events, conferences)